WARNING! This isn't pretty....

I'm about to share some images that may be disturbing... if you don't like dirt, lathe, dust, exposed beams and rubble. I on the other hand love it all. Especially since these photos are of my house, in it's demolition stage!

lots of plaster and lathe!

former kitchen -- this wall is coming out :)

wall gone! 

beam in!

back of house. old addition gone!

 There's more. But I don't want to overwhelm you. More or less the entire house has now been gutted. It looks like a barn.

There have been a lot of changes over the past weeks. It's not the pretty stuff but the important part of making our home safe and strong. New electrical, plumbing, insulation, beefing up joists, and getting rid of some nasty mould that was secretly rotting our bathroom walls.

One of the most exciting changes is the removal of a wall between our old dining room and kitchen. When that wall came down I was one happy camper. I'm so excited to have an open concept space where I will be able to chat with the kids while I'm cooking, to have a big island we can bake cookies together and to have lots of sunlight flowing through the new windows and doors that will open up our space.

So that's where we are in a nutshell. 

Gutted and happy.



  1. So wonderful! Show me a room down to the studs anytime :D Best to you with your redo, can't wait to see more pics

    1. Thanks Kathi! It is exciting. More pictures and updates to come this week :)


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