Prepping for Christmas

A simple linen advent calendar

I covered a pinboard/cork board with linen fabric and pinned on the bags. The bags are available in my shop or you can make your own.

You will need fabric/t-shirt transfers, a computer & a color printer or you can use fabric ink and stamps.

I fill my bags with Yummy Earth lollipops, fair trade chocolate and little toy soldiers and other small items for holiday crafting.

I haven't quite finished decorating yet but here are a few pieces I have out. Some vintage putz houses I found on Etsy, vintage ornaments and glittery bottle brush trees.

Our Christmas tree is a mix of ornaments made by the kids and some unbreakable vintage and newer ornaments that the kids can put on the tree. If they break there is no worry. Next year, post-reno, I plan on having a second tree decked out in my collection of vintage ornaments!

This year Christmas has snuck up on me a little bit and I am so far behind! I'm hoping to finish my decorating this weekend and will try to share that and some holiday craft ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I love the bags I ordered from you! We strung them up on the mantel, and my boys love to see what treat is in each days bag. Thank you again :)

  2. oh i'm so glad you are enjoying them. Merry Christmas!


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