Canning 101

I've always envied those big family gatherings held annually to make tomato sauce. It not only looked like a lot of fun but the big prize was a load of fresh tomato sauce.

I had the pleasure today to be welcomed into a sauce making day with some friends. I thought I would share with you some photos and a general how-to for the type of tomatoes we preserved today. There are many ways to do tomatoes and from what I can tell, it seems to largely vary by how your Mama made it...

I have to say, making tomato sauce is a beautiful thing. First there is the scent of fresh tomatoes churning through a mill, and the color is stunning. A spoonful to taste and you are in awe. I just wanted to grab my camera and snap photos. I'm hooked.

Here is the low-down and some photos of this liquid gold to tempt you into doing your own.

Remember, for successful canning, safety is a major concern.

You can find out more about home canning
including important safety tips from

1. Wash the tomatoes. Then take a seat and let the cutting begin. They need to be halved and any bruises, soft spots or yucky looking bits need to be removed.

You need approximately 1 bushel of plum tomatoes to reap 20 jars of sauce.

You will need a bucket for the waste and a clean bucket
for the halved tomatoes.

2. Tomatoes then go into the tomato mill.

3. It's time to jar.
Remember safety first, always follow proper canning guidelines.
For this recipe, it is a very simple, pure combo of fresh tomatoes and a touch kosher salt. This enable you to use the tomatoes for anything...sauce, soup, etc...

4. You'll need a big canning pot like this to boil the jars.

5. After about an hour of cooking... the reveal!

Bob and his liquid gold.

Shopping List:
  • Fresh Roma/Plum preferably San Marzano tomatoes
  • Kosher salt
  • Canning Jars & lids

  • very clean tea towels
  • funnels, spoons, ladles, pots, paring knives
  • lid lifter (for picking up sanitized lids), jar grabber (for lifting hot jars)
  • boiling water canner/pot
  • tomato mill

You can find out more detailed instructions about home canning
including important safety tips from

Buon Appetito!

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