a secret...

I have a secret to share...

While on holiday I had the opportunity to meet someone whose work I have admired for many years. I've also had the honor of being a part of his beautiful magazines. I have to say.. it was a highlight of my trip and my summer (ok.. year) to meet Matthew Mead.

He and his wife Jenny met me for coffee at a great little bakery in Portsmouth, NH. They are really lovely. It was such a thrill to be able to sit and chat with both of them.

I have to admit, I was nervous. But my nerves were quickly settled as soon we started talking. They are so nice.

I was also a bit embarrassed as I had a few glitches that day in trying to connect with them. My cell phone ended up having absolutely no service in the US. As a result, I had spent part of the afternoon on a quest to find a pay phone. I'm sure you can imagine how successful that was! Note to self: buy a new cell phone (one from this decade!)

A big thank you to Matthew & Jenny for taking the time out of their crazy, busy schedules to meet with me. You are both very inspiring. I hope we meet again soon.


PS. I promise, I will share some photos from our trip to PEI this coming week. I'm still enjoying kicking back with my kids this weekend!


have you ordered your copy of Holiday with Matthew Mead Autumn issue? Order soon! As soon as you receive it in the mail you will be happy you did. His books are stunning and full of inspirational ideas for entertaining. enjoy!

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