A crafternoon to remember...

Yesterday we celebrated Isabella's birthday.
What a "crafternoon" it was!

Pouring rain and thunder rumbling in the sky weren't stopping this party from happening. We just moved everything inside. Although not the "garden" party we had planned we did get to spend some time outside.

The girls created pretty flower hairbands using glittery hairbands, paper flowers and vintage buttons. So simple to make. All you need is a glue gun and your supplies.

Fabric cuff bracelets adorned with beads, buttons and flowers. This craft was a bit more complicated as the girls attempted to sew the beads and buttons onto a strip of plain cotton canvas. For those who didn't want to sew, my glue gun was handy.

japanese paper lanterns with silk butterflies
bright orange gerbera daisies in vintage mason jars
jars of vintage thread spools and buttons

The girls drank pink lemonade out of jam jars wrapped in bakers twine and ate grilled hotdogs wrapped in paper doilies
yummy chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.
Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing were adorned with paper umbrella toppers.

Fun & Games:
Isabella created her own photo props using bamboo sticks and construction paper...big red lips, mustaches, crazy sunglasses and unibrows to name a few. The girls had fun posing for some photos with these.
Blowing bubbles, playing backyard games, chatting and eating ice cream sandwiches kept them entertained.

I love putting together a special gift for guests to take home. Cotton muslin bags stamped with the girls initials held chinese silk lipstick cases, Lipsmackers, a pretty posy ring, a candy stick and a paper lantern.

A rainy day turned into a fun afternoon with lots of giggling, treats and happy birthday wishes for my sweet Isabella.

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