A Pippi Longstocking Porch Party for kids!

A fun summer party idea for girls... based on the Astrid Lingren's classic book Pippi Longstocking!

This is one of my daughter's all-time favorite books.

photo: Kelly Smyth

photo: Kelly Smyth

Do you know Pippi? She is an extraordinary 9 year old girl who loves adventure, coffee parties and Swedish Pepparkakor ginger cookies.She loves to have parties on her front porch.

I thought I would share some of the images from the party I produced for issue 5 of Babiekins Magazine. You can see more photos and details over at Babiekins Magazine which by the way, is full of whimsical photography and inspiration from an amazing group of contributors!


**A big thanks to Kelly Smyth who assisted me with some of the photography.

**A big thanks to two of the cutest girls for being great sports - it was freezing that day!


  1. Debra! I love these pics too! The girls are so cute! Thanks again for featuring our cupcake cups and milk cap sticks! We had fun!

    Lisa and Adrienne

  2. Hi Adrienne & Lisa,
    My pleasure! I love your products. Your milk caps are so cute and original! Thanks so much for donating them.


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