Origami Paper Bracelet

We are stuck inside with a nasty cold but that won't keep us from creating something to brighten our day!

I just happened to have a wooden bangle I had picked up from The Paper Place awhile ago..

Using some paper I have stashed away from a trip to Japan many years ago and some decoupage glue, Isabella was able to create a pretty paper covered bangle. I love the colours!

Simply cut some small strips of paper so that it can wrap around the bangle.

Apply decoupage glue in small applications on the bangle and gently wrap the paper strip around the wood. Make sure you smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles as you go. When you finish wrapping a strip apply another layer of glue to help it smooth out and stay put.

Repeat making your way around the bangle. So simple!

We added a final application of glue at the end.
Find a safe place for it to dry where it won't stick.



  1. This is really nice.It's reuse + creative + beautiful + you get a new stuff altogether.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful idea.


  2. so beautiful...you are really interesting and original.We think your blog is very creative.We Follow you ....Good Luck From Sophie And Anna


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