Dreaming of a new kitchen...

Today we had to go shopping for some new appliances. Nothing exciting really, just a dryer and a dishwasher. However, it got me dreaming of a designing a new kitchen.

We need, ok well we don't need, but we want a more modern, functional kitchen. The last remodel was done over 20 years ago and didn't maximize the space, especially for a growing family.

Have you seen the new Martha Stewart line of kitchens available at Home Depot? They are lovely. I'm not sure if they are available in Canada yet. Do you?

I know I want white simple cabinetry. I love the look of a solid surface counter top material like Corian. I'm not sure how I feel about open shelving. I really like the look and the opportunity to display collections but worry about dust. We live in an old house with plaster walls so dust is just part of the package.

Our dilemma is whether to leave the kitchen where it is and knock out a wall to make our main floor more open concept. It will also allow for an island...on my wish list. The other option is to move the kitchen into where our dining room is now and open up a different area of the main floor. What to do....???


  1. whatever you decide, my advice is to double what you initially calculated the cost to be and triple the time you think it will take. it will alleviate unrealistic expectations

  2. Oh... I didn't know about Martha's kitchen line @ home depot. I love white kitchen's too. We recently did a similar reno and knocked down a wall so I could get an island in. I love it. blogged about it here if you're interested...


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