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Our backyard has been seriously neglected since we "finished" this renovation. It's time to take back our yard so we can enjoy our indoor/outdoor living space. Right now, we are planning out our backyard space and considering what to do to finish off the deck area. 

back exterior

back exterior

Our contractor built a small deck off the back of the addition last fall. He added a nice little privacy screen on one side which serves two functions. It eliminated the need for a railing and provides privacy. The other side of the deck has a standard wood railing which still needs some work. We are considering replacing it with a wood and glass railing system. 

Aren't those garbage bins pretty? So yes we need a plan for those as well. 

We are debating whether to stain the wood decking or leave it natural. It's not cedar. Thoughts? I was originally thinking grey. But now I'm not sure.

See those stone tiles to the left of the deck? Those will be continued out in front of the deck area.

1.Montauk Nest Chair, West Elm 2.La Mer Outdoor Pillow, Crate and Barrel
3.Stone-Link slate look stone in grey, Home Depot 4.Moroccan Tray Accent table, Pottery Barn

This is a look I really love for the patio area. A Montauk chair and maybe a settee. Maybe we'll keep a dining table and chairs on the patio and place the Montauk further back in the yard. Decisions...

I'd like to fill the beds around the trees and in the back corner with a mixture of greenery that suits our shady garden. The grass (what's left of it) needs a rethink. It may be replaced with ground cover or pea gravel as there won't be much left to manage after the stone is installed. 

We are in desperate need of a new shed. The old one you see above is rotting from the bottom up and is much too small. I think we will have to design and build our own as we haven't found anything that looks nice enough to become the focal point of our back yard. We envision building a shed that nearly fills the width of the yard. I'd like to see some doors that are similar in look to the doors on our back addition. Just sized down to fit a shed.

What do you think of these? The first one is quite modern. The second more traditional but I figure it could be given a less old-timey look with paint, door and window choices etc.

Our goal is to get the patio done (a diy project) by the end of this month. The shed will hopefully make an appearance towards the end of the summer. Fingers crossed :)

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