Holiday Inspiration and Organizing

Dare I post about Christmas when it's barely Halloween?

What if it's a post to help you get in the "spirit" of organizing yourself for Christmas? I'll go with that theme...

When I received some beautiful images from Ikea promoting their Holiday products I couldn't help myself. I love paper, ribbon, twine, and fabric. It's my weak spot and it's all laid out so pretty in these images.

I always have brown kraft paper on hand to wrap gifts. But I like the idea of using smaller pieces of wrapping paper as ribbon.

I love the idea of using fabric remnants to wrap gifts. 
Look how these gifts are wrapped and the merry messages stitched on the fabric - love that.

I have to say, Ikea has done a great job of showing how to use their products in fun new ways.

Personally I love a creatively wrapped gift. I always try do something thoughtful and unique. Ahem... except for the Christmas Eve wrap-a-thon of stocking stuffers. That ends up being a lot of tape, paper(recycled)and wine.

Which leads me to this...

What I would love to fit into our basement space is a place to wrap - a wrapping station.

I like this one from Pottery Barn. It fits neatly on a wall to organize your wrapping supplies.

I could also make my own. The cheap and cheerful version.


Peg board, Rona


Peg board hook, Rona

wood dowels, Stockade


storage containers, Ikea

Add some paint and you have a DIY wrapping station.

You could even add one of these wall-mounted drop-leaf tables from Ikea so you have a spot to wrap. It folds down when you don't need it.

I think I see a little project coming my way...I'll let you know how that goes.

Happy organizing!

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