Round-up: 5 Fresh Pumpkin Decorating Ideas! ... Almost No carving required

Visiting a pumpkin patch was something we did yearly with the kids when they were younger. I miss this tradition. When did the weekends get so busy that we haven't found time this year to go apple picking or to the pumpkin patch? Visiting the farmer directly is so much fun!

I'm a bit of a pumpkin traditionalist when it come to carving. Maybe it's the intricate pumpkins my Dad carved every year. They were works of art! While my Dad sculpted his pumpkins into elaborate designs, my Mom loved to paint them (long before Pinterest and Martha). 

So in the interest of prepping for the big day, here is a round-up of five easy ideas for decorating your pumpkins!

animal themed pumpkin image via Apartment Therapy and Country Living

These are perfectly cute pumpkins that your little trick or treaters will adore. Woodland animals! No carving required. Lots of felt, cupcake wrappers and buttons. This would be fun to do with kids. The original source and instructions for this pumpkin project are from Country Living which you can find here.

Dapper pumpkins via Matthew Mead.

I love this no-carve idea using top hats and flowers or chalk and paint from Matthew Mead.

Mini-fanged pumpkins image via Martha Stewart

 Minimal carving required! A fun idea for decorating mini-pumpkins using plastic fangs and push pins.

Paper owl pumpkins image via Matthew Mead

Another great idea from Matthew Mead using paper to decorate!

Sharpie Pumpkins image via Lil Blue Boo

Grab a Sharpie and let your imagination run wild. I'm kinda crazy about these ones. I think I'm going to put my daughter in charge of decorating a few of these. 

If you are looking for more fun ideas I spotted lots of great ones over here.

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