bathroom nook

The other day Ikea's April News Kit landed in my inbox and I fell in love with this new cabinet coming out this spring!

Ikea Fabrikor Glass Cabinet, $199

I think I might need this for my bathroom. Not sure if it will fit or adequately use the space in the little nook we have to finish, but I want it. I love antique pharmacy cabinets and this is a great modern reproduction! Isn't it amazing?

I also happen to have subway tile with gray grout on my vanity wall.

The cabinets come in three colours.

Although we moved back home in September, after our big renovation, there are still loads of things to finish. I've found that I've needed a little breather from thinking about my house. However, I think I've pushed past my decor plateau and I'm ready to get some projects started. It's Spring after all...

One of the areas that needs to be finished is our bathroom. There is a small space beside our shower that we had planned on finishing with built-in shelving or a cabinet.  Unfortunately we couldn't use the entire width of that wall for our walk-in shower due to the dormer ceiling.  

So here is the little nook,

Right now the feature is a basket full of toilet paper.

I know we could have bumped out the ceiling to accommodate a bigger shower but the bathroom was an add-on that we weren't planning on doing. It was going to be the only room in the house we weren't going to gut and renovate. Afterall, bathrooms are expensive and ours was fine. However, a few concerns cropped up in that space and then you get to that point in a renovation where everything else is new and it seems silly not to do it all.  I know that seems crazy but it does happen.

In the end I'm happy we did re-do the bathroom. 
It's our only bathroom in the house so it made sense to do it while we were out.

My idea is to install a base cabinet to match our vanity. Add a counter top and then install shelving above to stack towels and some of my vintage apothecary style collections.

This is our vanity. We went with the Ikea Godmorgon but with a single sink.
I'm thinking of using this base cabinet for the nook with the Abstrakt high gloss white front. Then there would be full depth shelving above.

 I'm considering a marble counter material to tie in with the marble surround in the adjacent shower or maybe butcher block to add warmth and contrast. What do you think?



  1. Could you do cupboards on the bottom and doors (that open in the middle) on the top? Skinny doors of course, set in away from window so there is still space for garbage bin?
    Normally I would say open shelves, but since it's a bit hidden away, they might get messy.
    Also, I am thinking of the original 1920's built ins at the top of our stairs. They were drawers on bottom, shelves behind doors on top!

    Ps the ikea stand would be gorgeous if it fit!!!


    1. Hi Shannon, love your suggestions! Yes the depth of this space might make shelves difficult. It's about 24" deep. The picture makes it look like it is set further back from the window but its actually only a few inches. Love those old built-ins in hallways. Our neighbor has one. We actually ripped out our linen closet in the hall to allow more light. More on that later ;)

  2. I meant drawers on the bottom, not cupboards. Sorry!

  3. Love the ikea stand!!! Would be jealous

    1. You too can have one ;) I know isn't it awesome!


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