Here we go!

Well I'm finally sitting down at my temporary office aka Starbucks to share some exciting news.

We have moved out of our home to begin a big renovation! Yippee!! I'm so excited to share this news and the coming months of renovation updates with you. I hope you'll enjoy following along. 

Ok so here we go, a before and after of the back of the house. 
The back exterior is the area changing the most.


Excuse the mess! There was a lot of purging and some of the evidence was piled up in this photo awaiting removal. The lovely green fencing is required by the City of Toronto. If you embark on a renovation you too will be lucky enough to have your own. It  comes in a "lovely" neon orange too.


We are doing extensive renovations to the interior of the house. The bulk of the work will occur on the main floor. 

We have been working with Simon West of InHouse Designs since last summer planning this renovation. He has been fabulous. A talented Designer/Architect. Interesting fact: He also happens to be the Architect behind the hit TV show Love it or List it

So this is the friendly crew from Storage Stadium who moved us out of the house. If you are renovating or in need of storage these guys are amazing. They come and move your stuff out of the house into a big crate and take it away to their warehouse. When you are ready to move it back, they bring it all back and into your house. Amazing service. Competitive pricing that is comparable to what you would pay for a standard storage facility.

I'm almost ready to share the kitchen elevations. However, I'm still making some last minute decisions. I'll share some more plans and before pics of that soon.


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